Earn DDoS tokens by allowing your device to work on a global mission — making the world a safer place

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on joining the cyber army

We ensure your smooth onboarding! By entering your system inputs in the calculator that can be found on our website you can estimate the scope of your assistance.


of disBalancer

Download the software by the link and install it on your device to participate in Call of DDOS

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and workplace configuration

We have prepared special tips to navigate you in profile configuration so that you can join our cyber army in a few clicks.


in the first
DDoS-attack testing

Upon receiving a new system testing request, we will automatically utilize your shared resources and credit tokens to your account for your contribution.


of rewards

All accrued rewards will be held on your account and you can withdraw them whenever you want either to your personal wallet or directly to an exchange.

your crypto wallet and start earning

Ecosystem Functioning: Currency

The company applying for DDoS-attack testing needs to buy DDOS tokens and deposit them thereby paying for testing services. Upon the confirmation of this transaction, the DDoS attack with the use of users’ devices takes place and, in exchange for their participation. each user gets tokens that are equally distributed among all users based on the volume of resources they have contributed to the network. DDOS token is listed on cross-blockchain erc-20/bsc-20 networks.


Gate.io Pancakeswap (V2) uniswap (V2) Pancakeswap (others)


$0,1007 $0,1007 $0,1007 $0,1007


Hai/usdt Hai/usdt Hai/usdt Hai/usdt


$696,578 $696,578 $696,578 $696,578

volume, %

41,17% 41,17% 41,17% 41,17%
Total Supply
10,000,000 DDOS
Marketcap at TGE
440,000 USD
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DDoS tokens