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Less than 1% of websites worldwide are fully protected

DDoS market is expected to double by 2024


DDoS Testing

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Our specialists will contact your team to get understanding of your architecture, clarify technical aspects, set up clear goals and agree on the timeline.

Such details as the DDoS-attack testing scope, vectors, and targets will be also agreed at this stage. The list of planned activities will be included in the DDoS Test Plan document.


Authorized DDoS Attack

A multi-vector attack is launched based on the defined goals. This method of DDoS attack combines application-layer attacks, volumetric attacks, and Low-end-Slow attacks.

The average duration of the test ranges between 3 and 6 hours.


DDoS Summary & Feedback

You will get the DDoS Test Report Example containing info about the effectiveness of your solutions used to mitigate DDOS risks,

The report will include the results of the test, the detailed description of the attack, the list of revealed vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, and the recommendations on how to fix them.

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Types of Attacks available


The multi-gigabit attack traffic is generated from multiple locations to test your ability to deal with extreme loads.

Our testing solution imitates the load patterns followed by attackers such as SYN flooding and large UDP packets.

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Application Layer

We generate huge traffic to overwhelm your web server tier including POST requests directed to specified URLs and excessive HTTPS GET.

Thereby we test the resistance of your mitigation solutions to resource exhaustion.

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R.U.D.Y., SlowLorris, and SSL- Renegotiation attacks are not easy-to-detect since malicious actors need low resources to commit them.

This testing method is aimed at verifying whether your infrastructure is protected enough to prevent the exploitation of your vulnerabilities by malicious parties.

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Call of ddos

how it works?


Verifies resource Ownership, specifies attack parameters Poys DDOS fees that will be later distributed among attacker nodes


Sends commands to user nodes and distributes rewards among them


Users register in the system, install the App, and configure limits

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test your infrastructure with the largest and most powerfull legal botnet. Be prepared for future attacks by addressing authorized ones.