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Who we are

We are a team of cybersecurity and crypto enthusiasts who participated in the Ideas Hackathon and won third place. After that, we were invited to join a very new initiative of the Hacken Team - Hacken Foundation which specializes in giving a boost to innovative cybersecurity projects in the crypto world. disBalancer was the second project to enter the Hacken Foundation. Now, we are an honorable member of the Hacken Foundation and our project got a chance to become a recognized market leader.

Our Mission

Create a decentralized network uniting users who share computing resources to direct legal DDoS attacks. We strive to defend companies with servers and services on the Internet against DDoS attacks. Our network will act as a warrantor, sharing unused computer power and bandwidth with companies that need these resources. Thereby we will make the world a safer place and change the meaning of DDoS to the good side.



Our Partner

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The company applying for disBalancer services needs to buy DDOS tokens and deposit them to pay for our services. The company may also pay for our services in FIAT. In this case, FIAT money will be used to buy DDOS tokens at a current market price. Upon confirmation of this transaction, we start utilizing users' devices to launch our service. In exchange for their participation, users get tokens that are equally distributed among them proportionally to the volume of resources they have contributed to the network. DDOS token is listed on cross-blockchain erc-20/bsc-20 networks.

DDos Token

decoration chart $2.56

is a native token of the disBalancer ecosystem, which opens the doors to our products. You can earn it by downloading our application and providing your unused bandwidth. You can farm DDOS tokens in the HackenAI application and use them to pay for disBalancer solutions to meet your business needs.