Decentralized DDoS Testing System

A revolutionary solution detects vulnerabilities in your project security. disBalancer services cover 3 stages of DDoS stress testing and scam prevention to make it well-protected against real-world DDoS attacks and fraudsters. Stress testing techniques applied by disBalancer simulate the real-time DDoS attacks without any damages to clients' systems.

Our Services
disBalancer Distributed Networking

No system is 100% resistant to all DDoS attacks. With distributed networking provided by disBalancer, you will raise your infrastructure resistance to face DDoS attacks and maintain the maximum possible protection level. Worldwide coverage with a large number of disBalancer application users managed by our team lends a high-quality evaluation of your systems' resistance to real-world DDoS attacks. At the same time, our solution will make your token launch campaign free of any scams.

Stress Testing

When providing DDoS Testing services, we simulate real-world attack scenarios assessing whether a client applies an effective DDoS mitigation strategy. The attack is legal, safe, and carried out in a controlled environment. That is why a business suffers no damage. The goal of disBalancer is to translate the testing results to point out actionable measures that need to be taken by a client to improve the security of its systems.

Token Launch Protection

Scammers are getting increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to steal high-potential projects' money. We deliver security for your token sale and protect it from bad actors who want to scam your community with fake mirror websites and Telegram groups. With disBalancer networking, we block fake websites and community groups and make them unavailable until the end of the token sale. Our experts provide you with maximum uptime and prepare your project for a successful launch and crowdfunding campaign.

DDoS Consulting

Need strategic advice on managing DDoS attacks risks and consequences? Our team will examine your current setup and provide practical advice on possible architecture improvements, the optimization of DDoS appliance configuration, and DDoS vendor selection.

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Don't hesitate to contact our team. Every hour DDoS attacks bring down businesses worldwide. Failure to pay enough attention to developing security today may result in business collapse tomorrow. Be proactive!